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About Us

Located in Estherville, Iowa since 1997, SATERN® is owned by Debra and Steven Satern. 

Both professionals in their fields, they started the company, now known as SATERN®, in their garage. Since Steve is a competitive shooter using high powered rifles, naturally they went into the firearms industry. They began assembling target rifles and manufacturing accessories for the shooting sports, such as bore guides, single load followers, and the SATERN® Static-Free powder funnel for loading ammunition.

In 2003 Steve found he was in need of a very accurate rifle barrel and together he and Deb made the decision to try their talents in the realm of rifle barrel manufacturing. Steve, who is a machine builder by trade and a competitive shooter, designed and built the proprietary equipment how they “should be built”. It has given SATERN® barrels the accuracy and precision surpassed by no one in the firearms industry.

His skills with manufacturing and technology made SATERN® grow not only in quality, but in capacity as well. Only limited to the amount of machinery he can make and workforce he can employ.

Debra Satern with her business experience laid the foundation and built SATERN®’s reputation for high levels of customer service, salesmanship, and ethics. She has moved SATERN® from a small garage based business to a professional, fully licensed and compliant firearms component manufacturer.